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Symantec offers hosted security for small and medium businesses

The security software maker presents a hosted security service designed to replace in-house data protection for small and medium businesses.

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Symantec presents a hosted security service
Cleverly building on the idea of customers running software that automatically responds to breaking security updates about new viruses, Symantec is launching Hosted Endpoint Protection for small and medium businesses "who wish to deploy comprehensive security for their computer systems."

To be fair, it's a little more involved than what a home user running Norton AntiVirus will experience. The service is more like a hosted version of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, which is installed to a central server and allows admins hands-on control over their users' virus-acquiring issues. The end-user clients will still go on the PC, but now they'll talk to a hosted service at Symantec instead of having said service hog an entire CPU inside the data center. This announcement is part of a growing wave of hosted security services.

New study shows cloud security crumbling around the edges
A new study from the Ponemon Institute says that security fears about cloud computing are well justified, as users are going rogue with enterprises' intellectual property. More than half of respondents didn't know the extent of IT services within their own walls, and less than half (47%) thought their organizations did a credible job of understanding the risks of cloud security.

70% of IT professionals surveyed thought that the end user was most responsible for ensuring data security when using a cloud-based service, which is a twist from standard thinking on IT security.

The study also showed a clear gap between European respondents and U.S. ones -- the EU IT practitioners thought more highly of the cloud and the state of cloud security than their U.S. brethren. predicts that might have something to do with the better privacy and data transparency regulations that protect the public in the EU, but the study did not probe in regards to their answers.

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