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Gov 2.0 Expo opens with a focus on cloud computing

The opening session of the Gov 2.0 Expo featured IT leaders and public servants discussing the future of government in the cloud.

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Cloud computing dominates Gov 2.0 Expo
The opening session of the Gov 2.0 Expo had a cloud computing ring to it, as speakers from government agencies and tech giants had their say on the future of cloud security and continued government adoption.

The CIO of NASA discussed how the space organization has adopted cloud computing services, the CTO of the City of Los Angeles noted how much money the city will save by switching to Google and Brad Smith, senior vice president of Microsoft, couldn't resist making a comparison between cloud security and the January attacks on Google.

Microsoft recruits Indian IT firms for cloud development
After bringing cloud computing to Malaysia, Microsoft has set its sights on India. The IT giant has gathered Indian IT firms NIIT, Cognizant and CDC Software together to work on Microsoft Azure and develop applications for its country's customers.

NIIT will train students to develop on Azure, Cognizant will help its clients migrate to Microsoft's cloud platform and CDC has already rolled out a complaint and feedback management application that runs on Azure.

VMware's Project Redwood revealed
vCloud Service Director, previously known as Project Redwood, has been unexpectedly revealed. VMware's cloud service turns out to be a set of VMware technologies designed to tie VMware environments and private clouds together and link them to outside public clouds. Ambitious, yes, but a secure, reliable link between internal and external services may be the push enterprises need to make the cloud computing leap.

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