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HP to spend $1 billion on cloud computing shift

Hewlett-Packard will invest $1 billion into a full restructuring of its Enterprise Services business with a focus on cloud computing.

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HP to invest $1 billion, cut 9,000 jobs
HP announced plans to invest $1 billion into automating and restructuring its Enterprise Services business, chopping its number of worldwide data centers in half, dropping around 9,000 jobs and declaring a heavy focus on cloud computing as the company's future.

Ann Livermore, the executive vice president of HP's enterprise business, said that "[HP will] push very hard to have a management position in the cloud as well as a management position in on-premise," later adding that the "cloud aspects of [the restructuring] are important."

HP did not specify as to which aspect of cloud computing the company would be focusing on, but SearchCloudComputing can't help but notice the superior properties of the term "cloud computing" as an excuse for downsizing and the inspiration for a billion dollar expenditure.

Nasuni adds Rackspace to cloud partners
Cloud storage startup Nasuni has partnered with Rackspace Hosting to offer customers its Cloud Files service for online, network-attached storage. Nasuni is also working with Amazon Web Services and Iron Mountain.

Apprenda launches SaaSGrid Express
Apprenda will launch a free, downloadable version of its application server for Software as a Service (SaaS).

The company says the product, called SaaSGrid Express, is aimed at the do-it-yourself admin or developer who wants to build an application service deliverable online but doesn't like paying money. Apprenda says that the download package will get users hooked on its prepackaged system for rolling out a software service and then make money as users come to Apprenda's own online service to get more resources.

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