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Google cloud calculator snubs Microsoft Exchange

The Go Google cloud calculator presents the instant cost benefits of Google's cloud services, but make sure you read the disclaimer.

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Google shows off purported cloud savings
Google has launched a cloud calculator that purports to show the savings in moving your business to Gmail and Google Apps. In classic Google form, it's very simple, takes an awful lot for granted and shows you exactly what Google wants you to see. A hypothetical 300-person company instantly saves $29,000 per year by using Google, but a tiny little tab at the top left called "Assumptions" reveals that you're saving that money by dumping a $70-per-hour IT manager and getting rid of Microsoft Exchange.

"Estimates…may not reflect your actual experience with Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange," says a disclaimer at the calculator.

Adaptive adds point-and-click Web GUI
The HPC and grid gurus at Adaptive have unveiled Moab Viewpoint, a Web front end for its virtualization and server infrastructure management tools, effectively placing it across the finish line for an HPC cloud software suite. Users can "intuitively" manage workloads, use "gadgets" to create and execute jobs through the portal, and do policy orchestration and billing as well.

Adaptive's Moab software runs in some of the largest computing deployments out there, including Yahoo, Los Alamos National Labs, and supercomputers around the world, but most of its deployments aren't really cloud -- Moab Viewpoint marks a departure from the norm for Adaptive.

Ballmer has trouble explaining cloud computing
Steve Ballmer demonstrated his keen sense of nuance and superior people skills at a private conference in Redmond, where 30 minutes of boosterism on Microsoft's cloud computing efforts were apparently not enough for the C-level crowd to grasp the concept of cloud computing, leading one audience member to ask if it was "like the borg." can't help but wonder where the blame really lies when the teacher cannot make the student understand.

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