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Google Apps delivers cloud security white paper

A white paper from the search giant explains how Google organizes security policies and distributes data in Google Apps.

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Google talks Apps security
Google has released a security white paper for Google Apps that goes into some detail on exactly how the search engine and advertising giant safeguards user data.

"Feeling comfortable storing data in the cloud involves trusting a cloud services provider and the practices and policies they have in place." said Google Apps security chief Eran Feigenbaum in the post. The white paper gives some broad details on how Google organizes security policies and how it distributes data.

Among other comforting details, Google employs code review before patching its servers, uses incident management and also scans data for malware. Additionally, "data chunks are given random file names and are not stored in clear text so they are not humanly readable." Good to know.

Terremark, UCS invades San Paulo for Latin Cloud
Global hoster Terremark has announced that it is dropping a few of Cisco's "cloud-in-a-box" UCS appliances into its Sao Paulo data center operations. Terremark will use the potent VMware/Cisco/EMC powered devices to extend its pricey, high-polish Enterprise Cloud offering to Latin America, where high tech is taking off in select areas.

NASA to bridge clouds to Japan
Eggheads have united across the Pacific to attempt to join computing infrastructure at Japan's National Institute of Informatics (NII) with NASA's Nebula cloud project in the U.S.

NII has a cloud, the open source NII Cloud Computing Platform, but details are sparse -- a cursory search of the NII website doesn't turn up much information. But whatever the Japan cloud is made of, NASA is reaching out.

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