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Pew predicts cloud computing dominance by 2020

A Pew Research Center survey of almost 900 industry experts indicates that by 2020, technology and data will live mostly in the cloud.

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Another survey says cloud will rule in a decade
The Pew Research Center has determined that, by 2020, technology and data will operate "mostly in the cloud."

The Pew Internet & American Life Project interviewed 895 "Internet experts" and their findings stated that desktops will be a thing of the past. They'll survive, but in a diminished capacity, and most users will work off "Web-based programs and remote servers."

How accurate this survey is, or whether the responses were anything more than blind guesses towards the future, remains to be seen. But the survey is getting some national recognition, and it further indicates that many people are preparing for a cloud computing world.

Amazon and Yahoo to launch Japan cloud
The retail and search giants plan to launch separate cloud services in the relatively untapped Japanese cloud market.

Amazon has already established a local unit to lease data center capacity, and the cloud leader will be offering support services in conjunction with Toshiba. Yahoo, not exactly a player in the cloud computing world thus far far, will apparently make a "full-scale entry into the cloud computing business by next March."

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