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Eucalyptus hits 2.0 with Windows machine support

Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition 2.0 launches with Windows Server 2003 and 2008 support, not to mention new group management and billing features.

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Eucalyptus launches version 2.0
Cloud platform software maker Eucalyptus has officially launched version 2.0, replete with new features to tempt the admin into building a private cloud. Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0 now supports Windows Server 2003 and 2008 and Windows 7 images, and it has added group management and billing features as well as improvements in scope.

"We've made improvements to scalability, so users can take things to really massive scale," said CEO Marten Mickos. He said the 2.0 release was a milestone that marked Eucalyptus as ready to fit into existing IT operations. He said interest in Eucalyptus and private cloud was still through the roof, with most of his customers looking to experiment with the concept in their data centers but some using it for business.

Eucalyptus has some heavy duty logos in their badge collection, including Raytheon, the U.S. Army, Trend Micro and Japanese telecom NTT.

Zoho rolling in clover in competitor Google's Apps Marketplace
Zoho is basically picking money up on the street now -- the online office productivity firm just added its Zoho Invoice and help desk services to the Google Apps Marketplace. Google Apps is Zoho's direct competitor.

Why would a company facing Google in the ring decide to make a play on its app store? The press release states the company has had "hundreds" of new signups for their CRM and project tracking applications already in the GAM. Zoho apparently feels that fat and happy in second place is better than first place with a target on your back. Apparently a rising tide lifts all apps.

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