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IBM opens new Mass Lab: focus on cloud computing, mobile technologies

Big Blue has set up a major new operation in Massachusetts -- 3400 developers and researchers to push the envelope on IBM's technology.

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New data center focuses on R&D
IBM's new Mass Lab is not only a lame pun (it's very large; it's in Massachusetts), it's a hub of every new trend in computing and IT today. The 3,400-person facilities (two campuses) are going to be turning out "new technologies focused on collaboration, social networking, cloud computing and analytics", according to the press release.

IBM says that Mass Lab is now its global flagship for research and development facilities, the largest IBM Lab in North America and one of 70 around the world. Mass Lab is an incubator as well, with "more than 100 Venture Capital backed, small technology companies" partnered with IBM and presumably using the Lab. There are 59,000 square feet of data center floor also, but no details on exactly how much infrastructure is actually running.


BlueLock giving away Flip cameras for good ideas.
vCloud Express and VMware hoster BlueLock are trawling for neat ideas among the reported 1,1000 vCloud Express users. Perhaps trading on the old saw that an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters will eventually produce a work of literature, users may pitch their use case and BlueLock will allow the hoi polloi to vote on how cool it is. Winners receive Flip cameras -- runners up get a 'Cloud Monkey'. Math nerds who are outraged, OUTRAGED at yet another misuse of infinity theorems may send angry emails to the editor.

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