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Terremark opens cloud services center in Amsterdam

The Network Access Point of Amsterdam will give Terremark a leg up in expanding its cloud computing services to Europe and beyond.

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Terremark to open a Europe-based cloud facility
Terremark has announced it will open a major new facility in Amsterdam to take advantage of the AMS-IX Internet exchange, one of the major Internet connectivity exchanges in Europe. The Network Access Point (NAP) of Amsterdam, run by Digital Realty Trust and operating 25,000 square feet of floor space, will host cloud computing and managed hosting services for Terremark customers, giving the company a solid foothold in the privacy-conscious EMEA countries.

The facility comes with a built-in customer, airport operator Schiphol Group, which will buy Terremark computing as well as loan it the physical space at Amsterdam Airport. The announcement is also responsible for a mild outbreak of email and instant-messaging jokes and puns among cloud computing watchers about Amsterdam, clouds and marijuana smoke that is expected to fade by mid-afternoon. will work with accounting platform now has extensions for users of the Java Platform as a Service Details are slight, but developers will be able to drop in billing and accounting features into applications running on without too much hassle in a variety of preconfigured uses.

"Developers normally have to configure and set up the Web services layer, which is a technical job and can be time consuming. This tool eliminates the need for manual configuration," said chief Jeremy Roche in a press release. All of that is moot, as is still under wraps and awaiting public beta testing, so eager beavers will have to wait.

Verizon to offer tips on cloud security
Telecom giant Verizon will tell you how to do cloud security. Attendees of the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2010 will doubtless be relieved to learn that Verizon can tell them to perform due diligence, check contracts and service-level agreements carefully, and check compliance rules for their business-critical data before buying a cloud provider.

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