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Latest Cloudera release upgrades Hadoop distribution

Cloudera has two new offerings: one an updated version of its Hadoop distribution system and the other a toolset for similar non-traditional databases.

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Cloudera launches version 3 of its Hadoop offering

For-profit open source firm Cloudera has announced version 3 of its Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop and also launched Cloudera Enterprise, a package of tools for non-traditional databases like Hadoop. Hadoop is maintained by Apache and based on Google's massively parallel database technology MapReduce. Web portal and search firm Yahoo reportedly bases a large part of its Web infrastructure on Hadoop. It is also apparently a fountain of inspiration for funny names.

"Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume, Zookeeper, Pig, and Hue" are some of the software projects included in Cloudera's CDH v3, which the company calls the most popular Hadoop distribution out there. CDH v3 will run on your server of choice, and if you can't figure it out, Cloudera will be happy to sell you Cloudera Enterprise, a version of CDH that comes with management tools and phone support.

Savvis formally launches Symphony

Enterprise-grade hosting company Savvis has officially gone live with its cloud computing service Symphony. Long in the making, the Savvis Virtual Private Data Center offering provides public cloud hosting, but unlike touchstones Amazon Web Services and Rackspace, it looks like you still have to pick up the phone before you can get online and into the cloud; there is no self-service option available as yet.

Skoodat for Schools

Building on the trend launched by Cloudera of having weird names for everything, education technology provider Skoodat has launched a cloud service built on for schools looking to shift education data and materials off premise and onto a cloud platform. Skoodat Exodus promises a "complete, integrated system in the cloud, with tools for teachers and systems for superintendents" under one roof, thereby exponentially increasing the potential for drama when a teenage smartiepants gets ahold of an administrator's password.

No word on how much success Skoodat will have to find with Exodus before swoops in to buy it and rename the platform "" or something.

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