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Eucalyptus secures second round of venture funding

The open source cloud software startup, in its first money grab under CEO Marten Mickos, has landed $20 million more in venture capital.

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Eucalyptus lands another pile of cash
Proving once again why he is on this list, Marten Mickos has landed cloud software startup Eucalyptus another $20 million in venture capital. Eucalyptus raised one quarter of that in its first round of funding, so clearly Mickos retains the reputation as a money-spinner he got from MySQL.

Last fall, before Mickos had even come to the helm, the firm said that the $5.5 million it raised was a comfortable 'runway' to launch their commercial products. At this point, Eucalyptus is probably looking for a bigger plane.

Nirvanix launches hybrid cloud storage
Online storage firm Nirvanix has announced the industry's "first hybrid cloud storage" product line for customers, who can deploy Nirvanix gear in their data centers and mix and match with the firms online services. You buy a hNode rack or two, plug it in, and Nirvanix will maintain it, support it, and link it up to their storage in the cloud.

Andres Rodriguez, CEO of startup Nasuni, a Nirvanix partner, approves of the move. He said enterprises would grasp the concept immediately.

"Its valuable to be able to build a cluster that can extend, by policy, to an external system," he said.

Rodriguez added that he didn't fear competition, as Nirvanix is oriented to the enterprise and data archive and his Nasuni Filer is "much closer to primary storage" and better suited for dynamic data use.

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