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GoGrid opens new data center on the East Coast

GoGrid, the cloud computing provider, has announced the opening of a new "state of the art" data center at an Equinix facility in Ashburn, Va., where there looks to be a good mix of bandwith and customers.

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GoGrid expands to the East Coast
Cloud provider GoGrid has opened a new data center facility on the East Coast to supply demand. Hosted at an Equinix facility in Ashburn, Va. -- likely a cozy new neighbor to major competitor Amazon's East Coast facilities -- GoGrid's new cloud is being called "state of the art." CEO John Keagy noted in a press release that simply choosing the right spot put him next to the crucial elements of a successful cloud: bandwidth and customers.

"We are very excited to be partnering with a leader like Equinix and deployed within their customer-rich Ashburn campus," he said.

Equinix hosts a major connection exchange facility in Ashburn, as well as server infrastructure. GoGrid is banking on something cloud second banana Rackspace already knows -- that traditional hosting and co-lo customers want to mix and match their hosted environments with on-demand cloud computing. Putting the two services close together next to major Internet pipes is a great way to speed up connections.

GoGrid said that its East Coast and West Coast deployments are seamless, but customers can choose where they want their computing to come from. The company has also announced GoGrid 3.0, a major update of their service with new pricing and networking features.

Hooray for more cloud benchmarks
Analyst firm Bitcurrent has released a survey of cloud computing benchmarks, complete with spiffy graphs that demonstrate key strengths and weaknesses of various aspects of various clouds, including bandwidth, CPU usage, disk I/O and more, based around a variety of different kinds of jobs. This brings the total number of publically released, vendor-neutral and comprehensive performance reviews of public cloud services up to…two.

Bitcurrent did its research in conjunction with Webmetrics, which technically is a vendor but not a cloud provider, so that still counts as pretty neutral. It also designed customized performance tests aimed at exploring issues central to cloud performance, something CloudHarmony did not. CloudHarmony used industry standard hardware tests to rate its clouds. commends Alistair Croll and Bitcurrent for the work and expresses its wishes for more to come.

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