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Indian ISP launches consumer cloud

Sify Technologies will offer its Sify mylife consumer cloud service platform, with 'enhanced cyber security,' in cybercafes and Indian homes and businesses.

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Sify Technologies presents Sify mylife
Indian Internet service provider (ISP) Sify Technologies has proven it has the chops to compete in the cloud computing world with a bravura display of marketing nonsense around the launch of its Sify mylife service. Basically a Web portal in the line of Yahoo, AOL and MSN, Sify mylife will be available in Sify-run cybercafes, over other Sify provider points (including mobile devices) and in the homes and businesses of Sify subscribers.

"Sify mylife will enable a digital lifestyle encompassing communication, education, travel, entertainment and utility," according to the company, and of course, "enhanced cyber security." Sify says that Indians are hungry for this "digital lifestyle," also noting that more than one-third of all Indian Internet traffic comes from cybercafes. Sify will run or sell devices and connectivity into these cafes, giving them an easy way to turn new customers into users without fear of competition.

Sify is one of India's largest telecom and hosting players, and says mylife will vault the common man into the exalted realm of cloud computing where "ticket bookings, mobile recharge, online tests, bill payments, ISD calls and gaming" are available at the click of a mouse. There will also be a development platform to build out services based on Sify mylife, so must begrudgingly agree there is some part of this announcement that qualifies as cloud computing.

Euro clouds gaining ground
Networking supplier Brocade commissioned research on European enterprises and found that the majority are taking steps into the cloud. A survey of 200 CIOs across the continent showed 60% were making active plans to bring cloud in or turn their data centers into something approximating cloud computing.

"The findings reinforce Brocade's vision that data centers and networks will evolve to a highly virtualized, services-on-demand state enabled through the cloud," it said. Unsurprisingly, the company says you can buy shiny Brocade goodies to get there. Surprisingly, though, the company says that their research confirms conservative and slow patterns of growth in cloud overall, bearing out predictions that cloud may be only 10% or less of the global IT market by 2013.

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