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IBM announces EU cloud computing research consortium

IBM will partner with numerous European governments, industries and institutions in an attempt to promote overseas cloud computing adoption.

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IBM looks to push cloud adoption in Europe
IBM has announced that it will partner with the European Union, European academic institutions and industry in the EMEA to push the adoption of cloud computing services. Building on its core ability of doing very complicated things, IBM said the project will focus on developing a new model for speeding up the process of integrating e-services with existing business processes to lower the barriers to adoption from months or years of planning to weeks and days.

"Called Artifact-Centric Service Interoperation (ACSI), the project tackles the challenges faced by most e-businesses today in simplifying and streamlining the costly process of blending multiple, separately managed e-services into a dynamic, organic whole," Big Blue said in the announcement.

Significantly, IBM is throwing its weight behind free, open source technology and snubbing proprietary third-party software (unless it's IBM's, of course) in the project.

NetSuite and Zuora partner for billing
Perpetually second-place Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP and CRM vendor NetSuite has announced a new partnership with Zuora to create a billing platform for subscription-oriented businesses. Pitching the move as "cloud all the way down," NetSuite says that its customers are moving to more flexible payment schemes just as IT and software services are moving to cloud computing. The Zuora Z-Commerce tools will allow NetSuite users get creative with their pricing models at the same time as they get used to pay-as-you-go IT services.

Zuora is already integrated into and says its platform is designed to work with Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Facebook. NetSuite is most likely seeing its own customers using all of those services, as well.

The Telegraph moves to the cloud
Still carrying a banner that speaks to the distant era from which it sprang, UK newspaper The Telegraph has laid out the story of how it struggled to modernize and move its IT into the cloud. Members of other century-old enterprises may find the tale heartening, since the move was apparently successful…even if the newspaper industry is not.

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