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Fujitsu to invest $1.1 billion in cloud, nurture 5,000 cloud experts

The Japanese IT giant will spend 25% of its 2010 capital investment on cloud computing, including plans to cultivate 5,000 cloud experts by 2011 and build out a data center in China.

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Fujitsu comes through on cloud investment
Japanese IT giant Fujitsu has announced it will be spending 25% of its 2010 capital investment, or $1.1 billion, on cloud computing. The announcement was not specific, but the investment will likely come in the form of increasing Fujitsu's data center commitment to cloud infrastructure.

Fujitsu's cloud offerings include its Trusted-Service Platform line of virtual servers and application services, consulting and integration, its line of Systemwalker and ServerView data center tools for private cloud, and its line of PRIMERGY "cloud servers." Reports that Fujitsu would invest $540 billion in the cloud for 2011 surfaced earlier this year. Fujitsu has now confirmed those reports in spades, and for a simple reason, apparently.

''This is because the center of profit growth in the mid- and long-term lies in cloud computing,'' Fujitsu president Masami Yamamoto said in the press release. Fujitsu also plans to "nurture" 5,000 cloud computing experts by 2011, although the meaning of that is not entirely clear. If Fujitsu is hiring 5,000 new technical staff, that is an unprecedented commitment to the clouds, but that was not said.

Fujitsu is also building out a data center in China for 2012. Cloud startups take note -- Fujitsu also said it is eager for new acquisitions that have "strong technology" and "good customers" to bring into the fold. ''In that sense, a software-related firm would be a big target,'' Yamamoto said.

EMC acquires Greenplum
Leading data storage provider EMC has bought California-based Greenplum, which offers data warehousing software for data clouds and self-service analytics. The all-cash purchase is set to close in the third quarter of 2010. There were no further financial details provided. But we do know one thing: another acquisition is taking the term "cloud computing" for a perhaps undeserved spin around town.

Greenplum is a data warehousing/next generation databasing technology, designed for the data center, and uses only a somewhat cloudy technology -- MapReduce -- leaving little justification for cloud name-dropping.

As for the deal itself, Greenplum CEO Bill Cook will head EMC's new data computing product division after the acquisition goes through. The purchase should improve EMC's positioning against Oracle. Though EMC has been the overall storage software leader for the past eight years, Oracle is out front on in the database market. Scott McNealy, executive advisor to Greenplum, said in a press release:

"Together they are brilliantly bringing together the power of cloud computing, virtualization, and social collaboration to help customers as they venture into the next phase of computing and business analytics."

Oops, there we go again...

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