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VMware continues private cloud push with vSphere 4.1

VMware has announced vSphere 4.1, another step in the company's efforts to turn virtualized servers into cloud computing environments.

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VMware lays 'cloud foundations' through vSphere 4.1
Virtualization leader VMware continues its push into the private cloud arena with vSphere 4.1, which, with the yet-to-be released Project Redwood, will be what VMware users can install to turn their virtualized servers into a cloud computing environment.

The new release has a number of potentially upsetting changes, but the most significant is that licensing has changed from per-CPU to per-VM, so now users will pay for each virtual image they run and not the server it runs on. This exciting new way to charge customers money may not please everyone, but VMware doesn't seem to mind. Users are also being pointedly reminded to move off VMware Server and on to ESXi to further the cloud revolution.

Gartner gets righteous in the cloud
Gartner Inc.'s Global IT Council for Cloud Services has defined six rights and one responsibility for customers buying cloud services, in an effort to establish best practices in this emerging market. They include:

  • The right to retain ownership, use and control one's own data
  • The right to service-level agreements that address liabilities, remediation and business outcomes
  • The right to notification and choice about changes that affect the service consumers' business processes
  • The right to understand the technical limitations or requirements of the service upfront
  • The right to understand the legal requirements of jurisdictions in which the provider operates
  • The right to know what security processes the provider follows
  • The responsibility to understand and adhere to software license requirements

Of course, only time will tell if anyone actually pays attention to Gartner's seven hopeful rules.

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