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Intuit QuickBooks Online down after power outage

Intuit's online small and medium business accounting service, QuickBooks Online, suffered an outage after a commercial power failure at its California data center.

The Daily Cloud Intuit's online accounting service goes down
Hot on the heels of a recent disastrous outage, QuickBooks Online, Intuit's small and medium business accounting service, went down after a "commercial power failure" at its data center in California. The outage was not as severe as the last one, which knocked out Intuit's entire online presence, including the website and development platform, for two days. This outage lasted just a few hours, but the user comments are merciless, with many going well beyond "in search of answers" to "pitchforks and torches."

"I think you owe everyone a free month at this point to say the least," Bob said in the comments. Others cast about for alternatives, with suggestions ranging from Intuit reverting to a desktop-based software product to competitors like FreshBooks or Intact. Ironically, Intact's site was down for maintenance during Intuit's outage.

"Intact is worthless as well," noted another disgruntled user named Jim Smith. "Here is the message in the middle of the day on the site: 'Thank you for your interest. Our website is undergoing some brief maintenance, but your request is very important to us.'"

Research shows companies are involved in the cloud, like it or not
Website monitoring firm Gomez says that new analysis of 3,000 websites it tracks turned up startling news: Companies are already in the cloud, whether they know it or not.

Almost 20% of the sites tracked, which reportedly include many of the biggest firms in the world, were using Amazon Web Services somewhere in their Web presence, often in the form of ad delivery, CDN hosting or various other kinds of services. While hardly shocking technologically, news like this emphasizes the extreme complexity of the Internet ecosystem, where a large website can deliver content to and for a dozen locations and involve many different parties.

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