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OpSource integration solution stirs cloud market debate

The OpSource Partner Ecosystem will offer integrated solutions for joint customers of developers, cloud platform companies and telecoms.

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OpSource presents new Partner Ecosystem
Major cloud provider OpSource has debuted the OpSource Partner Ecosystem, a program designed for cloud computing hosts and providers. It will offer integrated solutions for the joint customers of developers, cloud platform companies and telecoms, while steering OpSource in a "new direction" toward enterprises and the channel.

OpSource CEO Treb Ryan said the trends are increasingly clear for public cloud in the near term -- service providers have opportunities to make money using cloud infrastructure internally and selling their own applications and services to customers. He said that with a true cloud environment, like OpSource or Amazon Web Services, operating costs were so low that he could afford "very comfortable" margins while offering steep discounts to partners.

Ryan said that eventually most IT would be done in some kind of "cloud" paradigm, but service providers and hosters would be the first, since they had the most motivation and opportunities to turn clouds into cash.

OpSource has also restructured its product portfolio to make partnering and reselling a bit more comfortable with billing tools and application management.

Liberty Mutual developing internal "insurance cloud"
Northeast insurance giant Liberty Mutual Group is turning its server virtualization efforts to the cloud: "In 2010, we'll increase the central [internal] cloud platform and get it to a point where it is operationally robust. Then we'll look to extend it by potentially adding some external providers…" Mark J. Kirby, Liberty's SVP for enterprise architecture, told Insurance & Technology.

Kirby said his company has spent the last five years shifting company-wide IT resources from physical servers to virtual as part of an effort to modernize the firm's IT delivery. Now, he is taking that virtualized IT operations and adding management and automation tools until it becomes a cloud. Then maybe he'll look at moving some of that infrastructure out into the public cloud. Kirby did not give any details on how, but he did make it clear that 2010 would be his year of the cloud.

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