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Cloud security fears delay L.A. deal with Google

A lucrative 'government cloud' contract between Los Angeles, Google and CSC has run into security problems, slowing down the project and costing the companies thousands of dollars.

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Google and CSC stumble on city of L.A. deal
An inability to allay security fears presented by the Los Angeles Police Department has led to Google and CSC reimbursing the city a reported $135,000 for the delay, which could ultimately add $500,000 in costs this year alone to the $7.2 million contract.

The Google Apps deal was supposed to be a win for the cloud when it was announced, and L.A. officials apparently have no plans to move backward, but it could be a sign that Google and the "government cloud" are not as ready as they claim to be.

Cranium to offer ASAP security service through GoGrid cloud
Cloud service provider GoGrid has teamed up with security company Cranium Solutions, Inc. to offer a vulnerability assessment and penetration test service to GoGrid customers. The ASAP service is available through the GoGrid Cloud in the form of a Partner GoGrid Server Image, enabling GoGrid customers to instantly deploy the portal and begin running security testing of their systems in the GoGrid Cloud, including systems on a private internal network.

As part of the launch, Cranium is offering each new GoGrid ASAP customer two free IP assessments. The Cranium service lets customers identify vulnerabilities on their GoGrid servers, whether public facing or internal. Once found, vulnerabilities can be validated by performing a penetration test to determine if they are truly exploitable or just false positives. gets Facebook as a customer has a new customer in social media titan Facebook, an online meeting of the minds that seems like it couldn't get more cloud computing-y if it tried. Ironically, neither online application firm actually uses cloud computing technologies. reportedly runs its entire service on a few thousand servers in a single West Coast data center, largely using Oracle and a fancy front end, and Facebook runs regular old data centers.

Additionally, despite the massive scale of Facebook's Web operations, with half a billion users and hundreds of billions of page views per month, Facebook is a small to medium enterprise by head count. Despite the flood of gushing press about's "big catch," it's probably less than a thousand new users, which is hardly going to buy Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff a yacht bigger than Larry Ellison's. That day is far, far away.

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