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Cloud computing optimism triumphs in new survey

The Yankee Group's latest research indicates that nearly 60% of IT decision-makers find cloud computing to be a business enabler.

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New survey says cloud skeptics outnumbered
New research from the Yankee Group shows that cloud boosters now hold a healthy majority over cloud skeptics within IT departments. The informal survey polled more than 400 "IT decision-makers" and found that nearly 60% saw cloud computing (including Software as a Service and online services, naturally) as helpful to the business, with only 40% calling it immature.

More than two-thirds said that internal clouds were more attractive than public clouds. Also, in an apparent rise of cloud snobbery, the overwhelming majority of respondents preferred to get their cloud tech from trusted enterprise marques like IBM and HP and integrators like Accenture. Just 17% viewed Google and Amazon, cloud providers to the great unwashed, as "a trusted cloud partner."

Another cloud first…sort of
PEER 1 hosting in North Carolina has announced the third large-scale GPU cloud, beginning a trend toward making floating point calculations even more float-y. Large-scale GPU environments are used for graphics-intensive processing and many types of functional computing workloads, like genome analysis. SGI announced its online GPU cloud service in February, and Penguin announced one last fall.

"The system runs the RealityServer 3D Web application service platform, developed by mental images, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NVIDIA," PEER 1 said in the release. Users can use the Web service to render in iray. The service is clearly aimed at the digital images crowd. Built on parallelized NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, it might be the biggest GPU cloud in operation, according to some reports. PEER 1 also offers 100% uptime guarantees and pricing that is reportedly competitive with SGI.

In extremely related news, Penguin On Demand announced it also supports RealityServer and iray as full services on its GPU cloud. Interested users are invited to compare pricing and services at their leisure.

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