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Eli Lilly ends talks to expand Amazon Web Services use

Much-touted Amazon Web Services customer Eli Lilly confirms it is not expanding use of the cloud computing provider's services.

Discussions between Amazon Web Services and Eli Lilly to expand the pharmacutical giant's footprint on Amazon's cloud computing service are officially over, according to Eli Lilly.

"We are not in contract negotiations, they have come to an end," said Christine Van Marter, corporate communications advisor at Eli Lilly. "We are happy with our relationship as it exists. We have no plans today to expand our agreement with them. That is not to say that in the future we might not," she told late Friday.

Sources familiar with the matter said Eli Lilly was hoping to increase its use of Amazon's cloud computing services beyond small research projects, to larger high-performance computing workloads and non-sensitive corporate data. But the two sides could not agree to terms over legal liability and indemnification issues should there be outages or data breaches that affect Eli Lilly's business.

Like many global companies, the pharmaceutical giant is running out of data center space and power but is reluctant to build a new facility, the sources said. Eli Lilly is talking with other cloud providers to see if it can negotiate better terms around legal liability.

"We don't have anything to add that we haven't already communicated," wrote AWS spokesperson Kay Kinton in an email. "Eli Lilly has been a customer for some time and remains a customer … [and] we (AWS) will continue to abide by our long standing policy of not commenting on any contractual conversations or future-looking statements as it relates to our customers."

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