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IDC: Cloud providers to spend $718 million on servers by 2014

Research from IDC predicts that public cloud computing providers will spend more than 700 million dollars a year on server sales by 2014.

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Research says cloud providers will buy $718 million worth of servers annually
Hardware makers should prepare for growth in the amount of bottom-of-the-line, commodity-level pizza box servers they sell to service providers, according to new research from IDC. Server sales to public cloud providers will be $718 million a year by 2014, up from $518 million in 2009. Other highlights from the research say that public cloud will not be the dominant trend in the enterprise; IT organizations will look to 'cloud-ify' their own data centers first. The private cloud server market will go from $2.6 billion to $5.7 billion, IDC reports.

Pie charts in the cloud
Objectivity Software and GoGrid have launched what might be a data geek's dream, InfiniteGraph. The new service, free to some developers and "qualified startups," takes loads of data and presents it in quick-change graphic form. Upload a moldy old customer database, for instance, and InfiniteGraph will let you point and click and play with it until you see something that you might have missed before.

The InfiniteGraph server images apparently operate on a distributed-architecture model, something like a massively multi-parallel (MPP) database, and are available on GoGrid for free to the anointed. Objectivity says that developers can try it for two months and a startup must have less than $1 million in revenues to qualify, but don't get too excited: the software is free, but GoGrid's platform fees still apply.

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