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Microsoft aims to construct private cloud bridge

Microsoft is touting its System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service offering as the company's stepping stone to private cloud.

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Microsoft private cloud mouthful ready for prime time
The Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service is finally out of the user testing and debugging beta phase with version 2.0 (that's a Microsoft joke, kids, but it works for Apple products so why not?). Designed to be parked on top of your Hyper-V environment, Microsoft pitches the "MSCVMMSS" as the stepping stone to private cloud, although at this point it's mostly just a Web-based portal to manage your virtual servers.

CA continues cloud spree, buy's 4Base
Software company CA announced it will buy "cloud consulting" firm 4Base Technology and turn it into CA's Cloud and Virtualization Strategy department, adding to a roster of cloud and data center automation buys in the last year. 4Base specializes in redesigning IT departments to get a grip on virtualization; the company opened its doors in 2006.

CA cited 4Base's broad experience with a range of data center virtualization technologies, and 4Base co-founder Paul Camacho said the CA acquisition proved cloud-style IT was ready for prime time in the enterprise.

CloudClient OS now VMware channel-ready
A product with a fascinating hook but dubious application, the CloudClient operating system (OD) from 2x boots from a thumb drive and supports virtual desktops VMware View and XenApp. It also runs a browser that supports Google Apps and Micrsoft Live. The software is free, although apparently not open source, and VMware has just certified it into its Technology Alliance Program (TAP), a sort of fast track for VMware-friendly applications to get into VMware's enterprise channel.

A significant number of people needing to borrow strange computers on the fly, and then boot to a Web operating system from their keyring, and then to their VDI, has not caught our attention thus far. But who knows, the market may be there.

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