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IBM touts new desktop cloud computing customers

IBM announced several new cloud customers, most of whom are investing in virtual desktop cloud services.

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IBM sings IBM's praises, brings in new customers
Having apparently decided that desktop virtualization is the proper avenue for private cloud at this time, IBM announced a slew of new customers today to go in their "cloud wins" column. IBM does not announce every new customer it lands with such fanfare, so it is safe to assume that PR is part of IBM's overall cloud agenda.

The Fischer Middle School in Aurora, IL got a virtual lab environment with on-demand desktops for 150 students, powered by Wyse and living on an IBM System x server. Technically that could be called a cloud, since it is on-demand, elastic, and involves something like multi-tenancy and virtualization.

A Spanish educational foundation is using IBM Smart Business Desktop Cloud, IBM's online desktop service. Larger scale projects are underway in Japan; Taiyo Life Insurance and Sugamo Shinkin Bank are doing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with many hundreds of desktops.

That's a pretty rare and specialized application service to bundle under private cloud, but IBM notes that once the desktop is virtualized, all else can surely follow.

Construction SaaS from Viewpoint Software
Irony abounds or just good sense? You decide. The ultimate reality-based business sector, construction, gets a new offering from the ultimate in amorphous messaging, cloud computing. Viewpoint Construction Software will offer its project management and estimating Software as a Service (SaaS) with on-demand billing, cloud style. If you're an engineer or project lead, head on over and check it out.

Another twist: Viewpoint didn't gin up its SaaS product by itself; the company outsourced it to 3t Systems in Colorado, a virtualization consultancy and integrator. Viewpoint Software and 3t Systems agreed to create a private cloud model that they will offer to contractors as a public cloud model. So its cloud all the way down.

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