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CloudStack, the automation and management stack from, now supports VMware vSphere 4.1 and VMware vCenter Server.

The Daily Cloud goes corporate
Open source private cloud platform has announced it will now support vSphere on its automation and management stack. CloudStack will interoperate with vSphere and the upcoming vCloud APIs from VMware, as well as VMware vCenter. Given that vCloud was supposed to be a cloud platform, it seems a bit redundant, but maybe is looking for customers on vSphere who don't feel like opening their wallets to VMware yet again. did not say if VMware support was to be included in its free "community edition" or only in the Enterprise Edition. But odds are that it's going to stay a for-pay feature for quite a while, just as it is with rival Eucalyptus.

Model Metrics wants to get your cloud to your phone
Consulting firm and "cloud integrator" Model Metrics has launched a service platform that will get your enterprise Web services out to the mobile devices of users with a "rich Internet application" that works pretty much the same across your laptop, mobile phone and outside Web browser.

The 2GO Cloud Platform looks a little bit like the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for, letting an IT shop design custom interfaces and enable access to data even offline. Model Metrics focuses primarily on designing and delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) integration, but says that 2GO will also work with selected applications built off Google Apps and Amazon Web Services.

AFCOM releases cloud whitepaper without much advice
AFCOM, the data center operators professional group (originally the Association for Computer Operations Management), has published a guide to cloud computing for data center operators that will be a handy reference to anyone who was asleep for the last two years. It rehashes the widely accepted NIST definitions of cloud computing and proceeds to list and define a bunch of terms and planning steps that are not particularly confusing, like "Building an Internal (Private) Cloud Within Your Own Data Center":

  1. Understand the Business Requirements
  2. Understand the Network Assets
  3. Understand the Hardware Assets
  4. Understand the Data Assets
  5. Understand the Application Assets

Each step has a paragraph to explain it. If you're in a panic because the CEO wants to know how your data center is going to be a cloud, this whitepaper is probably worth its $175 price tag just for the professional-sounding long words. But if you're looking for technical advice on racking and stacking a private cloud, this isn't it.

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