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Amazon adds AWS user management features

In a long-awaited features upgrade, Amazon Web Services users will now have the ability to create and manage multiple unique identities from a central AWS account.

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Amazon now offers Identity and Access Management
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is catching up to smaller, more polished rivals on features, and a critically important new one appears to be in the works. Identity and Access Management is now in public beta and will give IT managers a raft of control features for creating and managing multiple users from one central AWS account. Amazon says it will be a built-in feature to the AWS user dashboard and come at no additional cost. From the AWS announcement, the new features include the abilities to:

  • Create User identities: Add Users (unique identities that can be used to interact with AWS services) to your AWS account. A User can be an individual, system, or application requiring access to AWS services.
  • Assign and manage security credentials: Assign security credentials (such as access keys) to each User, and rotate and/or revoke these credentials as desired.
  • Organize Users in groups: Create groups to more easily manage permissions for multiple Users.
  • Centralized control of User access: Control which operations each User can perform, such as accessing specific AWS service application programming interfaces (APIs) and resources.
  • Conditional User access: Add conditions to control how a User can use AWS, such as their originating IP address, time of day, or whether they are using SSL.
  • Single AWS bill: Receive a single bill for the activity of all Users within your AWS account.

Public cloud startups and upcoming competitors have had this kind of basic user management for some time. Services from Skytap, OpSource and CloudShare, for instance, do not only this but also advanced user monitoring and management tools; CloudShare even integrates with to track overall productivity, not just cloud resource usage. It's definitely a positive sign for AWS, and a small step on the road to answering critics on security concerns. Can they continue to innovate before they are left behind in the scramble to serve cloud to the enterprise?

Jamcracker joins to Eucalyptus to form Cloud Voltron
Eucalyptus has gained a powerful new ally in Jamcracker, the global cloud services broker and management software. In a sub rosa deal announced yesterday, Eucalyptus will add Jamcracker's multi-cloud capabilities to its private cloud software. IT users will be able to deploy an AWS-style cloud environment, automate much of the heavy lifting in getting existing virtualization onto that cloud and reach out across the Internet to existing cloud services in a unified, programmatically accessible way.

While Jamcracker doesn't get the kind of attention that RightScale or enStratus do in cloud management, it definitely that the same class of abilities and marks a powerful addition to Eucalyptus's arsenal.

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