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New backup services compete for cloud market

Disaster recovery providers Continuity Centers and Backupify have launched dueling cloud-based backup services.

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Dueling backup applications claim cloud
Working on the theory that people don't want to lose their stuff, disaster recovery (DR) specialist Continuity Centers has launched a 'cloud backup' service called MobileVault that the firm says will be "enterprise-class backup at SOHO prices." The service is aimed at everyone, from individuals to larger businesses, and there is no price listed on their website, naturally.

Continuity Centers picked Asigra for its backup technology; Asigra makes a virtualized backup product that it sells as a service and as a software product. Weirdly, Continuity Centers calls this part its "Secure Private Cloud Backup," but it appears to be a completely hosted offering, much like the rest of its traditional DR offerings. It's unclear exactly what is private about it.

Meanwhile, startup Backupify has landed $4.5 million in cash in the hope of taking a piece of the online backup pie. The Cambridge-based firm is aiming for the individual buyer and claims its online backups are superior because they use Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). Founder Rob May has a cute catch phrase for his company's product. He calls it "data liberation."

Backupify joins a host of self-service backups, dominated by EMC-owned Mozy and Carbonite, both of which look cheaper than Backupify at this point (depending on how you buy them). Just being built on S3 may not be enough; after all, people can sign up for that all by themselves. Even for the non-technical, it's getting a lot easier.

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