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Launch Linux apps in EC2 with Amazon Linux AMI

The latest Amazon Machine Image gives Amazon Web Services users a bare-bones starting point for working with Linux applications.

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Amazon releases Linux AMI
Answering the clamors from AWS users looking for a way to launch Linux applications inside of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), the company has released a new Amazon Machine Image (AMI) focused on Linux.

The new machine image, available in 32- and 64-bit form and in all AWS regions, comes with command-line tools and libraries pre-installed, along with CloudInit from Ubuntu to help with instance customization. It also comes with the usual charge for Linux/Unix instances.

System integrators getting into cloud
Although cloud security and private cloud were getting all the press earlier in the year, a new wave of cloud service providers have popped up into the forefront: system integrators.

First off, there's the recent acquisition of tech consulting firm Redxlerant by CoreMatrix. According to the press release, the move strengthens CoreMatrix's knowledge "across different private and public cloud computing platforms including, Google and Amazon," a wide swath of services that represent the cloud core.

Not to be left behind, Freedom OSS has released vNOC 2.0, a cloud integration service and key piece of the company's Stairway to the Cloud suite. In conjunction with having a clever name for its cloud offering, Freedom OSS assists enterprises with cloud computing integration, offering data encryption, intrusion detection and upgraded compliance and governance.

It seems that, as cloud continues to grow and evolve, merely offering a stellar cloud computing environment isn't enough anymore. Enterprises need to fit the cloud into their IT infrastructure, and that's where the integrators come in.

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