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Amazon and RightScale add PHP development services

Seemingly left in the dust by Ruby on Rails and Google App Engine, PHP has been resurrected in development services for Amazon Web Services and RightScale.

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Cloud companies turn to PHP
Brighten up, lonely and neglected PHP developers. Your apps and development haven't done anything more than work well and prove to be both easy and productive for the vast majority of development platforms, but Ruby on Rails, Google App Engine and the rest of the cool kids have gotten all the cloud love…until now.

RightScale has launched a Zend-powered PHP development toolkit, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) just joined the party with a version of CloudFusion now available as an SDK. So put on your PHP party hat, gang, and get started.

Overwhelming majority of early adopters use cloud
A who's who of cloud vendors apparently threw their own party, dubbed the Executive Advisory Council on Cloud Computing, at VMworld 2010. The bigwigs say that, among other things, 60-70% of all early adopters are heavy users of public cloud services. It also found that "there is no clear number two" after AWS for cloud service providers.

Anyone who wants in on the rest of the cloud love-fest can find it here.

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