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Ten cloud computing startups in 10 minutes

Got a few minutes? Ten of the best cloud startups at this year's Cloud Connect conference explain why enterprise IT departments should pay them some attention.

Weekly cloud computing update

If you missed this week's Cloud Connect conference in Santa Clara, don't worry; we've got you covered. The big guns were present as Netflix and eBay told dramatic stories of moving operations to the cloud: the online auction leader discussed dropping 1,200 physical servers in favor of Infrastructure as a Service burst capacity while Netflix cloud architect Adrian Cockcroft laid out how his company rewrote their entire operations for Amazon's cloud.

But what we focused on were the bevy of cloud startups present. Of the 70 companies exhibiting at the conference, we picked a handful of newcomers that we believe will be useful to IT pros ready to make the leap into cloud computing.

We've boiled all it down for you in this week's episode of Cloud Cover TV by interviewing 10 cloud computing startups in 10 minutes. In just 60 seconds, each company's representative had to explain what they do and why enterprise IT departments should care.

For example, Nimbula presented its build-your-own-cloud offering while Skydera pitched its cloud deployment tools and Oxygen Cloud sold its file system for enterprise storage management. Some of them have actually been around for a while, like cloud platform Abiquo. Sure, they've gone through a few rounds of fundraising already, but they still like to pitch.

And others might even be a new breed of cloud company. Drew Bartkiewicz heads CloudInsure, which says it'll insure your cloud services. How, and for what? We don't know, but it's definitely something we hadn't seen before.

You probably haven't heard of these startups just yet, but if their products are as valuable as their pitches made it seem, you will. And if you've already got thoughts on what they're selling, we have a comments section for you over on Feel free to tell us what you think of our selections and whether any of the companies sound interesting to you.

Happy viewing!

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