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IBM gives SmartCloud Foundation shops more control

IBM rolled out a handful of offerings for SmartCloud Foundation designed to give IT shops more visibility and control of their cloud environments.

LAS VEGAS -- IBM filled in some missing pieces to its SmartCloud Foundation strategy on Tuesday, rolling out a handful of new offerings it hopes will give IT shops more control over things such as unplanned incidents and the ability to better manage and secure mobile devices.

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk will help large IT shops maintain configuration integrity when planned changes and unplanned problems occur anywhere across the enterprise, thereby avoiding a discontinuation of service. The new offering will also improve management efficiencies.

A second offering, IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices, reportedly helps administrators both manage and bolster the security of mobile environments. The product reportedly takes only a few minutes to install; IT professionals can then remotely set policies, track and monitor devices to identify data that potentially has been compromised. It also lets IT remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices.

”We think [IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk] will let users take a much more holistic approach to controlling more complex service management processes,” said Scott Hebner, vice president, marketing with IBM’s Tivoli Software Group, speaking here before 8,000 attendees at the IBM Pulse conference.

IBM’s cloud strategy hasn’t been very clear. One attendee said some of the new cloud services, such as SmartCloud Control Desk, gave him a bit more confidence in IBM’s cloud strategy. 

Other attendees also liked what they saw of the new SmartCloud products, although some said the announcements were overdue.

I wish [IBM] would deliver some of these pieces quicker. I would hate to see them lose momentum they have built up since last year.

Donny Harrison, purchasing agent with a large shipping company in Las Vegas

“I wish [IBM] would deliver some of these pieces quicker,” said Donny Harrison, a purchasing agent with a large shipping company in Las Vegas. “They have been relatively quiet about the whole SmartCloud thing since last fall. I would hate to see them lose momentum they have built up since last year.”

IBM complimented these two new offerings with two more cloud services: SmartCloud Monitoring, which lets administrators maximize cloud availability by closely watching virtual infrastructures and applying analytics to optimize workloads, and SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center, which improves flexibility and use of storage with a series of automated administration, management and provisioning controls.

Separately, IBM officials said it plans to release new features and functions in IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery. The suite, which is a set of best practice patterns for enabling integrated lifecycle management of cloud services, blends Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management tools with IBM’s SmartCloud Provisioning.

Company officials said IBM’s recent acquisition of Green Hat will further extend these capabilities, thereby reducing development lifecycle times.

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