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Cloud integration platforms: A guide to integration as a service

Integration as a service holds benefits for IT organizations that are ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of data integration in-house.

Cloud computing services and applications are on the rise. To aid companies in the transition, cloud integration platforms have emerged to help businesses with the complex process of cloud migration. Integration as a service offers fast and simple deployment without requiring coding. Cloud-based integration software is hosted and managed by the vendor, which means that customers don't have to purchase any new hardware or use any of their existing software. There is typically a monthly subscription fee for cloud integrators so that customers don't have to make one large payment.

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Many companies are turning to cloud services for its simplicity instead of trying to move to the cloud on their own, because some do not have the expertise, money or desire to complete a data integration project in-house. There are many cloud integration vendors for companies to chose from, all offering different cloud integration services at different prices.

Dell Boomi: Dell Boomi is an integration system that was built in the cloud to fully exploit the value of the cloud. Like most cloud integration systems, it allows users to connect any combination of cloud, SaaS or on-premises applications without appliances, software or coding. Boomi is powered by AtomSphere technology and offers a pure SaaS application integration platform. Dell Boomi offers services that are pre-built for a complete point-to-point integration system that encompasses services the users themselves build or services Boomi will build for complete outsourcing for all integration needs. Boomi recently won the 2012 CODiE award for "Best Web Services Solution."

Informatica: Informatica is another provider of data integration software and services. Informatica's cloud integration platform is specifically designed to integrate SaaS applications. The Informatica cloud features multi-tenant SaaS data integration targeted at IT organization and systems integrators. Some integration services that Informatica offers are: Data migration to securely move data to and from the cloud; data synchronization to ensure timely, relevant and trustworthy information is delivered throughout the company; data replication; contact validation to verify and correct postal addresses; and data quality.

CloudSwitch: CloudSwitch integration services allow enterprises to run applications in the cloud without re-architecting the application or changing management tools and policies. Businesses can run multi-tiered applications in the cloud with simplicity and no modifications. CloudSwitch allows users to make the cloud a secure extension of their data centers with full encryption and isolation, point-and-click their apps into the cloud without any changes, use their existing management tools and policies with cloud resources and get cloud scaling and agility without lock-in so users can run their apps where they need them.

IBM Cast Iron: IBM Cast Iron enables companies to connect public and private clouds as well as on-premises applications. IBM Cast Iron has the capability to manage an application program interface (API) economy in one cloud-based solution. It also has the ability to create APIs from single or multiple endpoints through a "configuration, not coding" approach.  

MuleSoft: MuleSoft is a platform that emphasizes ease of development, flexibility and re-use of components. Like other integration as a service systems, MuleSoft takes the coding step out and replaces it with an assembly approach. Mule iON is a cloud-based integration platform that allows developers to create simple, packaged integration applications (iApps), which help solve common cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-premise application integration problems. Mule iON has MuleSoft's leading integration technology and offers an end-to-end platform for building, maintaining and operating iApps.

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