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Software as a Service: A video guide

Software as a Service is the leading form of cloud computing. Cloud U expert Jeff Kaplan takes viewers into the world of SaaS, explaining its origins, economics and effect on the IT landscape.

In the past five years, nothing has driven the cloud computing trend more than Software as a Service (SaaS).

“Software as a Service is a new idea which is taking root quickly because of some key attributes, which really represent a new way of thinking and a new way of delivering software functionality,” said Jeff Kaplan, Cloud U expert and managing director of Wellesley, Mass.-based consulting firm THINKstrategies.

To create a deeper understanding of SaaS, we’ve created a video guide featuring Kaplan’s expert analysis of the IT landscape. The series of four videos explain what SaaS is, how the applications are integrated, what the economics are and what role business intelligence plays in it.

Introduction to the SaaS landscape
In Introduction to the SaaS landscape Kaplan gives a broad overview of what SaaS is and explains the market factors that led to its creation. He touches on important topics like the SaaS business model, service level agreement contracts and how SaaS is being used.

SaaS applications and integration
Kaplan moves on to the topic of integration in SaaS applications and integration. This video discusses the challenges of integrating data between a cloud-based SaaS application and the on-premises data center and two SaaS applications.

The economics of SaaS
Business decision-makers will appreciate the third lesson on the economics of SaaS. Kaplan explains the underlying market pressures that have forced IT to envision a world beyond legacy applications.

Business Intelligence and SaaS
Finally, the world of business intelligence and the role SaaS plays in it is discussed. Kaplan states that the real-time information delivered by SaaS applications can be used to create a more intelligent and agile enterprise.

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