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New cloud testing tools cut app development time, costs

There's a confluence between cloud and mobile testing and support for it in the cloud because of the ability to create production environments without the need and configuration costs of on-premises infrastructure.

Application testing has evolved alongside cloud computing, and that shift has changed the market for vendors and customers alike.

The cloud's scalability and on-demand availability allows testing to take a variety of forms, from tools to check on-premises applications to cloud-native applications tested on other cloud platforms. And as IT pros look to keep pace with rapid development cycles, cloud vendors of all sizes are trying to find a role in this evolving piece of application development.

"We're going to see this market continue to evolve as the computing platforms continue to evolve," said Thomas Murphy, research director for Gartner, Inc., based in Stamford, Conn.

Market research firm IDC, based in Framingham, Mass., predicts the automated software quality (ASQ), software as a service (SaaS) and cloud testing market to reach $1 billion by 2017. HP and other vendors that dominated the traditional testing market are making inroads in cloud testing, and major cloud infrastructure providers have added test features as part of a broader effort to have a greater stake in application lifecycle management, analysts said. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) rolled out CodePipeline and a series of developer-centric testing tools last November, while Microsoft provides its own testing environment in Azure.

Meanwhile, smaller testing as a service vendors such as SOASTA, Inc., Neotys USA, Inc. and BlazeMeter have expanded their offerings to keep pace, including added continuous delivery and data analytics features. Management vendors such as Keynote Systems LLC and Compuware are also doing more to edge into testing.

"That's the challenge in the market now," Murphy said. "However many years ago this started there were only a few companies that could do this, but every year there are more companies that can."

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