Embarcadero tools improving IoT, mobile app dev

Embarcadero released a suite of tools devoted to help developers build cloud, IoT and mobile apps.

Sensing that the Internet of Things (IoT) promises business opportunities for its customers, Embarcadero Technologies' newly updated RAD Studio XE8 uses Window Visual Component Library to help developers build mobile, cloud and IoT applications.

The biggest motivation for developers in 2015 is IoT, according to John "JT" Thomas, Embarcadero's senior director of application development products. "IoT is now a reality for development teams with the majority targeting business, not consumer apps," he said. The trend Thomas sees is IoT-aware products that interface with middleware, desktop apps, and databases.

HR2Results, a Roseville, Calif., developer of a cloud-based human capital management software as a service product, is not yet in the IoT space, but has long used tools from Embarcadero (created originally by Borland) to build Windows-based applications accessible to anyone via a Web browser.

"Our entire application is available in the browser of any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone," said company COO Zena Brand. "We are a unified, modular application that puts everything in a single database -- HR, benefits and payroll. In that database we have a thousand tables, 12,000 columns and 2,000 reports that support a multi-company environment. With this level of cohesion, we are able to provide a level of insight and integrated reporting options that isn't achievable elsewhere."

Brand said the XE8 version of RAD Studio will allow HR2Results to embrace IoT and interface with and collect data from wearable fitness devices. "The demand is rising for integration of data from wearables and other fitness devices into our app," she said. "In XE8 we finally have the technology to do that. As more HR departments urge employees to achieve personal fitness goals as part of an overall corporate wellness program, we need the mobile device capabilities of XE8 to collect and integrate that data into our apps, databases and reports."

Emphasis on universal apps, proximity services

With this level of cohesion, we are able to provide a level of insight and integrated reporting options that isn't achievable elsewhere
COO of HR2Results Zena Brand

RAD Studio XE8 is a suite of tools designed to help Delphi's Object Pascal and C++ developers. The product provides them with a mechanism for adding connectivity and mobile-platform support for creating distributed, connected apps -- for Windows, Android, iOS, OS X, IoT devices, middleware, cloud and enterprise services.

RAD Studio XE8 introduces support for iOS 64-bit and universal apps and enables development teams to add IoT features, including proximity awareness with beacons. And one of their new features aims to simplify the discovery of source code libraries and components from within the IDE to help developers future-proof their apps. The Embarcadero tools also provide clearer insight into app users' behavior.

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