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2017 Impact Awards: Vote for the Best Public Cloud Migration Tool

Vote here in the 2017 Impact Awards for Best Public Cloud Migration Tool.

The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the top products, technologies and services in the essential areas of technology that Modern Infrastructure covers. The award-winning tools help run enterprise businesses with efficiency and insight -- whether they're used inside the data center or out.

Entrants in the Best Public Cloud Migration Tool category provide software or services that enable organization to efficiently move and run its IT operations on a public cloud service provider.

The companies listed below are the finalists for the 2017 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards' best Public Cloud Migration Tool category. 

Avere Systems

Avere FXT Edge filers separate performance from capacity and work across private data center and the cloud. The filer clusters sit in front of in front of network-attached or cloud storage -- closest to the users of the data – and optimize response time and enable centralized storage for cost savings and simplified management.


Cloudability offers financial management tools to help organizations monitor and optimize cloud computing costs. Users can create custom cloud usage reports and view dashboards to analyze spending across multiple clouds.

Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser's application maps metered usage of public and private resources to produce instant analytics to optimize cloud investments. The SaaS application recently added "what-if" modeling, advisories for cost savings with AWS Reserved Instances and pinpointing of areas where changes need to be made to under- or over-utilized resources.


CloudHealth provides an API-driven cloud analysis platform to develop business models, analyze trends and project future trends. It uses a policy driven approach to save money, improve agility, enhance security and reduce complexity.


Cloudyn provides a SaaS offering for automated cloud monitoring, analytics and optimization. With a single portal, users get granular, real-time visibility into consumption, cost and performance across multiple platforms based on financial and operational metrics.

New Relic

New Relic uses a multi-tenant SaaS platform to provide real-time insights into applications. Its Software Analytics Cloud helps companies securely monitor production software in virtually any environment, without having to build or maintain dedicated infrastructure.


The RightScale Universal Cloud Management Platform provides a suite of services to manage applications across public, private and virtualized environments. It provides tools for automated deployment and policy based governance, as well as analytics to visualize, forecast and optimize coasts across an entire cloud portfolio.


RiverMeadow use a SaaS application to migrate workloads behind a firewall with an API-driven, automated approach, regardless of users' current hypervisor. Customers are able to avoid shutdowns or reboots and can use a variety of migration approaches to move physical servers or VMs to the cloud.


Scalr's cloud management platform enables cost-effective, automated and standardized application deployment across multi-cloud environments. Scalr uses a hierarchical approach to policy enforcement to enable administrators to balance the needs of finance, security, IT and development teams.


Velostrata's agentless, streaming-based mobility software enables users to fully move applications and their data to the cloud. Velostrata decouples compute from storage without sacrificing performance, and its streaming and caching allow applications to be operational in the public cloud in minutes while storage is migrated in the background.


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