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Red Hat launches on-premises containerized API management platform

With the use of APIs in enterprises soaring into the hundreds and beyond, Red Hat devises a containerized management platform that provides scalability for developers and DevOps.

With the start of its software development conference in Boston just a few days away, Red Hat isn't waiting to begin announcing new products targeting mobile and cloud application developers. Today, Red Hat tipped its hand with the announcement of a fully containerized API management platform for on-premises deployment.

Designed as an on-premises containerized API lifecycle management counterpart to the company's existing software as a service (SaaS) offering, Red Hat 3scale API Management is implemented as a fully containerized platform. It is intended to provide modern enterprises with the high degree of scalability they need as the number of APIs in use continues to soar and API portfolios grow. It is the first product launch following Red Hat's June 2016 acquisition of 3scale, a provider of API management tools based in England.

At the time of that acquisition, 3scale CEO Steve Willmott indicated that rapid growth in API use was straining the ability for IT departments to provide adequate management oversight and control. "We've seen extreme growth in large enterprise customers. APIs have become the backbone of many infrastructures, but they often lack systems for tracking their APIs," he said. "We've always taken the approach that you want a policy-management layer that tracks everything and gives you control over all of the APIs." Willmott now serves as Red Hat's senior director and head of API Infrastructure.

Steve Willmott, senior director and head of API Infrastructure, Red HatSteve Willmott

As use of APIs as a key driver in the adoption of hybrid cloud architectures broadens, Red Hat has come to characterize the technology as "the new language of collaboration."

API management has become a valuable adjunct to mobile and cloud application development. According to a March 2017 forecast from MarketsandMarkets, The worldwide API management market, $606.8 million in 2016, is expected to reach $2.66 billion by 2021, a compound annual growth rate of 34.4%.

By deploying the Red Hat 3scale containerized API management platform on premises via the company's OpenShift Container Platform, developers and DevOps personnel will have the ability to manage API lifecycles without the need to expose those services externally. According to the company, this strategy should lead to improved security and control, necessary in meeting regulatory requirements.

APIs have become the backbone of many infrastructures.
Steve Willmottsenior director and head of API Infrastructure, Red Hat

"Companies often had an external API program that was separate from their internal infrastructure. But now, APIs are becoming much more valuable internally," Willmott said at the time of the 3scale acquisition. "With the trend toward containerizing services and microservices, it's important to know where they are and who has access."

Additional details on the Red Hat 3scale API Management Platform are expected to be highlighted at the Red Hat Summit conference in Boston.

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