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CloudBees updates UX with new version of Jenkins Enterprise

CloudBees delivers a new user experience based on its Blue Ocean open source project as part of the latest version of the company's Jenkins Enterprise offering.

CloudBees Inc., known as the Jenkins company, has released a version of its CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise platform that features an enhanced user experience for software development teams.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is an implementation of the popular Jenkins open source automation server specifically optimized for team development. The release features an entirely user experience (UX) based on the open source Blue Ocean project launched at CloudBees.

CloudBees the version of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise at the Jenkins World 2017 conference in San Francisco. At the event, James Dumay, director of product management at CloudBees, said the user experience is designed from the ground up for team productivity, and it can be easily used by technical professionals, as well as nontechnical users.

"It has been transforming the way teams have delivered software," he said of the Blue Ocean project.

Based on Blue Ocean project

Sacha Labourey, CEO and co-founder of CloudBees, told TechTarget that while the new CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise UX is based on Blue Ocean, "our internal code name for integrating this into our product is called Blue Steel. The concept of application teams and how you can scale and onboard new teams on the platform will all be based on this new user experience."

The new UX enables teams to become productive immediately, he added.

During the Jenkins World keynote, Moied Wahid, director of developer experience at PayPal, based in San Jose, Calif., said with the freedom PayPal provided to its developers by adopting Jenkins, "our developers started exploring Blue Ocean, and they started loving it. There was a huge pull from our engineering community and a push from the infrastructure side."

Moreover, the new UX helps in the of software delivery pipelines using DevOps best practices and helps to eliminate complexities in software delivery, such as setup and administration issues that typically occur, Labourey said.

Preconfigured security and integrations

The software also features preconfigured security and built-in integrations to code repositories, he said. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise has integrations to more than 1,400 DevOps tools and technologies.

"Continuous delivery is helping organizations turn their digital transformation dreams into reality," said Harpreet Singh, vice president of products at CloudBees, in a statement. "It gives them the speed and agility to spin up new application projects that deliver value and support the business needs."

Docker and Jenkins are like peanut butter and jelly for developers and ops to modernize their traditional applications.
Patrick Chanezona member of the technical staff at Docker

Patrick Chanezon, a member of the technical staff at San Francisco-based Docker Inc., who also spoke at the conference, said Docker is using Jenkins to continuously build the Docker product.

"We're building both Docker CE [Community Edition] from the open source [Jenkins] bits and Docker CE and Docker EE [Enterprise Edition] together using Jenkins," Chanezon said. "Docker and Jenkins are like peanut butter and jelly for developers and ops to modernize their traditional applications."

Support for VMware cloud on AWS

Meanwhile, in a separate announcement, CloudBees said CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is now available to customers of VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services. VMware Cloud on AWS brings together VMware's Software-Defined Data Center software and the bare-metal cloud infrastructure from AWS.

"Solutions such as CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise enable IT teams to reduce cost, increase efficiency and create operational consistency across cloud environments," said Mark Lohmeyer, vice president of products in the cloud platforms business unit at VMware, in a statement.

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