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Letter from the SearchCloudComputing editor

With the new SearchAWS site coming, Site Editor Caitlin White expresses her views on the future of SearchCloudComputing.

There is no getting around the fact that Amazon Web Services owns front-runner status for applications running in the public cloud.

Caitlin WhiteCaitlin White

For that reason, we plan to expand our public cloud coverage with the launch of SearchAWS, a site that is solely focused on Amazon Web Services features and functions, as well as the ecosystem that surrounds AWS. The new site will offer companies of all sizes and verticals adoption and management strategies, as well as problem-solving expert tips. SearchAWS will cover the business of IT that AWS enables, and will look at how these businesses are using Amazon services to expand their computing power into the cloud.

We also recognize that while AWS may be a current household name in IaaS, the universe of cloud computing continues to be far more diverse than just one company. Enterprises face numerous choices for where and how they want to run their applications, be it within a public, private or hybrid cloud. They may choose between open source or proprietary software; there are plenty of vendor options, plus a host of choices for managing and maintaining their cloud projects.

SearchCloudComputing will continue to provide readers with a wealth of expert tips, insights into industry trends, and access to in-depth news analyses to help them follow the rapid evolution of the cloud market. With SearchCloudComputing, enterprises can stay up-to-date on major cloud trends and news to understand how industry-wide changes will affect the day-to-day operations of a cloud admin.

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