Top 10 cloud computing providers of 2012


8. Bluelock

Source:  Image courtesy of Bluelock

Bluelock has steadily gained visibility the last several years by aligning itself closely with VMware’s vCloud Datacenter and by delivering cloud services with a solid reputation for reliability. The company, which connects users’ VMware data centers with its public cloud, has made a comfortable living focusing largely on small and midsize companies. It offers both cloud hosting coupled with managed IT services, something high on the want list of many IT shops. The vendor so far has done a good job bolstering the confidence of smaller companies to move their mission-critical applications in the cloud and hopes to convince more midsize companies to do the same. Its 2012 roadmap calls for the company to focus more on bigger picture issues such as multiple virtual data center integration, Data Recovery as a Service and the Global Cloud, a place that’s sure to see a lot of action.

Last year at No. 8 was Bluelock.

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