Ten cloud computing definitions you need to know


10. Cloud bursting

Source:  Mike Kloran

Do not panic. Your cloud isn’t exploding. And cloud bursting isn't as horrible as it sounds. Think of "burst" less in the negative "into flames" and "your balloon" context. Cloud bursting is a beneficial cloud technique for environments with varying IT workloads. In this hybrid cloud environment, an application can run in a data center or private cloud and then burst into public cloud when there is a high demand for compute capacity, saving resources and dollars.


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5+ years of "cloud bursting" talk and almost nobody ever states a real-life example of a "bursting" application. There are lots of examples of companies that use public cloud resources (mostly compute) to do batch jobs, heavy-compute analytics, etc, but this isn't "bursting", it's just good economics - find the lowest cost resources for a specific business need. Here's to hoping that maybe we won't see "cloud bursting" on any lists in 2015.