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Setting the record straight on crazy cloud computing ideas


Questions show major cloud computing misconceptions in enterprise IT

Source:  everythingpossible/Fotolia

"Is my data big enough?"

"How do I tell my employees to stop using their iPhones?"

"Will I get arrested for using the wrong cloud?"

"How many employees will my cloud fire this year? I need to know for my budget meeting."

"Will you come here and tell our employees to stop doing cloud?"

Believe it or not, these quotes are all questions I have been asked in one way or another over the years about cloud computing -- and more recently than you'd like. As cloud computing becomes more commonplace in IT departments big and small, most experts deem it a success. However, there are things I've seen and heard that are comical -- and some cloud computing ideas and misconceptions that are just downright sad. As I deal with this technology in real life with real people, I come across many crazy cloud stories.

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What's the craziest misconception you've heard about cloud?