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Setting the record straight on crazy cloud computing ideas


Cloud computing costs won't always pay for themselves

Source:  pomogayev/Fotolia

Cloud computing won't always save your company money -- at least not at first. For many companies, the bottom-line dollars and cents won't show you the true value of cloud. However, many experts say "hidden" cloud costs are a misnomer; these surprising costs are really just a matter of a lack of planning. To mitigate skyrocketing cloud costs, do extensive planning before a cloud migration and take advantage of tools on the market.

A transformation to a cloud environment will affect many aspects of IT -- all at a cost. In many cases, networking costs or staff inexperience are at fault for rising your cloud bills. Prepare for anything before a cloud move. Once you're in the cloud, third-party or proprietary cloud cost analysis tools can help your company stay on budget.

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