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Top 8 cloud-based application development tips of 2014


The most loved cloud app development topics in 2014

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Readers visited articles about a variety of cloud application development topics this year, which is perhaps a testament to the breadth of things happening in the cloud application world. One area of cloud app development did come up more than once in our research into top tips viewed on SearchCloudApplications this year. Three of the following eight articles deal with integration, including difficulties, products and integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Here are our top tips of the year, in case you missed them the first time or want to take another look. Read on to see the key advice offered in each article, starting with the eighth most popular tip, and working up to number one.

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What did you learn about cloud app development this year?
On a macro level, the biggest learned lesson on cloud app development over this last years is that cloud app development is going to become the preferred method of app use in the future. As the digital world moves further and further away from hardware based storage, for personal data or for app use, the cloud becomes the go-to place for the former hardware based apps and services. A smart business will implement this now.