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Top 8 cloud-based application development tips of 2014


Discovering the right type of cloud app integration

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As the number of cloud applications a company uses rises, so does the integration points the IT team must handle. Luckily, there are a few different kinds of cloud app integration that companies can turn to that will assist them with integration issues. Quality assurance professional Amy Reichert discussed iPaaS, cloud-based connectors, and asynchronous or synchronous messaging in SearchCloudApplications' eighth most popular tip this year. Read the tip for more details on how each type of integration works.

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Do you have experience with any of these cloud app integration types?
Yes, my organization has experience using AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud app integration and iCloud app based services. Both have their merits and both and fully functional, but for my organization it is iCloud app integration that works best for us. The seamless interface of the apps in the cloud allow for mobile employees to take full advantage of all the power used in the office. This is the wave of the future.