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Top 8 cloud-based application development tips of 2014


Keeping cloud computing costs down with research, planning

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Cost savings is often one of the promises and enticements of cloud computing. But it is also easy for customers to end up paying for more than they anticipated. IT decision makers can find some valuable advice in an article journalist George Lawton wrote about how to avoid hidden cloud costs.

One common mistake IT often makes is accounting for the cost of virtual machines but not other cloud computing costs, such as storage and bandwidth. Companies also need to be ready for cost spikes, understand the pricing model, and know what services they will actually receive. IT may also be able to turn to simulation to get a better idea of the costs the company will face. Above all, companies that research and compare services will have the best results.

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How does your company plan to keep cloud computing costs down?
While we are aggressively pursuing adoption of cloud-based technologies, we also have a multi-faceted strategy in place to help keep cloud computing costs down. First we’re focusing on developing our knowledge, capabilities and maturity with respect to cloud-based technologies. We’re also working to establish governance and technology frameworks to help control and streamline our efforts, as well as consolidating cloud access points to better manage cloud resources. We’ve also partnered with one of the larger cloud providers to complete a total cost of ownership analysis to help us better understand which situations would be more cost effective as opposed to a hybrid or in-house solution.
With the rapidly increasing number of businesses that are migrating to the cloud, I find it extremely crucial that users establish cost effective methods of monitoring cloud usage. Users should avoid buying excessive computing power and ensure to shutdown programs and software when not in use. They should realize that cycles are not free; monitoring the computing cycles is imperative. Users may invest in software that automatically shuts the system down when not in use.