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Top 8 cloud-based application development tips of 2014


How to find your match among integration vendors

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Readers were particularly interested in integration products this year. The next story on SearchCloudApplications' best tips of the year list looked at three vendors that offer integration products. Frequent contributor Valerie Silverthorne wrote an insightful piece comparing and contrasting products from SnapLogic, Dell Boomi and Informatica Cloud. As Silverthorne put it, the three vendors strive to make integration easier, less expensive and less time-consuming.

Each offering has something special that sets it apart from others. SnapLogic's offering runs natively on open source Hadoop, which gives it an advantage when processing big data. Dell Boomi gets customers involved with crowd-sourced data mapping. Finally, Informatica Cloud is designed to be easy for non-programmers to use.

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What do you think sets apart an integration vendor?
The difference that comes with integration vendors is how they use their service and how they come up with generation of income considering the SaaS service requires user friendly software which makes it easier to use service endpoints, workflow and stellar API support. Some vendors have made these features challenging and use them as a source of income when they offer services on the same. The client should understand how the system operates before integration.