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Top 8 cloud-based application development tips of 2014


How to manage mobile devices with APIs

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Application programming interfaces (APIs) are rising in popularity in large part thanks to mobile application development, wrote George Lawton in a tip about using APIs to manage mobile devices. Because of this growth, developers should consider how to improve lifecycle management and governance. Lawton -- who spoke with Roberto Medrano, chief technology officer of SOA Software Inc. -- also highlighted some of the common misunderstandings and mistakes made when developers use APIs. To counter those mistakes, APIs can be better managed through planning, development governance, operational governance and sharing APIs with authorized developers.

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Have you used APIs to manage mobile devices?
Definitely, we have. APIs have provided my organization with a means to provide information, and enhance our own development efforts. These measures came to mind as we were trying to reduce the risk exposure to data confidentiality and integrity. We settled on APIs following the recent growth of the use of mobile applications and devices. Through APIs, we have been able to simplify how we manage information between the organization and mobile device users.
API's are essential to our testing strategies. Having the ability to consume the data we get back and parse it for states and situational analysis makes for much cleaner tests and confirmations.