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AWS cloud management tool another home run for vendor

While AWS Config looks like another home run for the cloud giant, that doesn't mean everything is perfect. So where does AWS need to improve?

Amazon Web Services continues to distance itself from the rest of the pack, as another one of the cloud vendor's services receives positive reviews. AWS Config, a cloud management tool for AWS configurations and infrastructure automation, seems to be another hit for the cloud giant.

"We're getting to an approach where [AWS is] going to have tools and features, especially through partners, that equal, if not pass, some of the existing enterprise solutions out there," said David Linthicum. "So pretty cool stuff, ultimately, and Amazon seems to be continuing to knock things out of the park."

Linthicum discussed AWS Config, among other cloud topics, with Lori MacVittie, principal technical evangelist at Seattle-based F5 Networks. Other discussion points include:

1. What is the perception of AWS Config? MacVittie believes it's an "excellent" move by the provider. "It was a nice thing to see … when you start hearing security still cited as, 'that's why we're not going to go to the cloud,' well, this can help," MacVittie said. "It gives you some insight into what's going on and you can better manage it."

"Good move for [AWS]," Linthicum said. "They don't seem to be making too many mistakes."

MacVittie, however, disagrees. "It's still not able to track applications and really monitor applications," MacVittie said. "There's still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to a lot of what Amazon's doing." (3:45-12:10)

2. The Cloud Foundry Foundation named a new CEO, Sam Ramji, but should we care? MacVittie and Linthicum agree it's an interesting development. "It's interesting that they've tapped someone that has a background very heavy in API management … bringing that to a cloud environment and those open source efforts is very good because that is the future," MacVittie said.

Why aren't the big three public cloud providers -- AWS, Google and Microsoft -- moving toward Cloud Foundry? "[Cloud Foundry is] just competing for the hearts and minds of people out there making decisions," Linthicum said. "So here's another path, and why should we take it?" (12:11-17:15)

3. While snow continues to bury the Northeast, cloud computing offers a new way to order plowing services. What does this mean for cloud's future? "It's delivered out of the cloud. … Something like this, where it's a temporary, seasonal thing, is just a great use case for the cloud and just for being able to use this kind of technology to go in there and figure it out," MacVittie said. (17:16-22:31)

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