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Agile architecture a focal point of next IT revolution

More organizations are moving toward cloud and becoming more technologically advanced. David Linthicum discusses Agile architecture and its potential impact on the enterprise.

As organizations continue to move toward cloud platforms and using big data, many are forced to adapt to the latest technological integrations and rethink how to use architecture. David Linthicum discusses Agile architecture, its impact on the enterprise and more with Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx LLC. 

Bloomberg believes that a more Agile approach could achieve higher efficiency for the enterprise. Bloomberg uses Netflix as an example of a company that changed its approach and went from mailing DVDs to being a major player in the public cloud. Additional points of discussion include:

  1. Clearly, not every company has experienced a meteoric rise like Netflix. Are traditional enterprises trying to mimic Netflix's approach by undertaking a digital transformation? How can the lessons of scale from companies like Netflix be applied to the enterprise? Bloomberg believes the traditional methods of product development may no longer be effective.
    "The traditional approach is through rigorous, top-down governance…. All of these tools that traditional organizations use [to] supposedly help reduce risk and reduce cost, ironically end up increasing cost because they slow everything down," Bloomberg said. (2:00-9:05)
  2. How can companies avoid falling behind competitors technologically? "Take a better approach to legacy transformation [and] legacy modernization, which is part of the cloud story for the enterprise. It's not just about building a SaaS app; it's about establishing a hybrid solution or migrate legacy apps," Bloomberg said. (9:10-13:00)
  3. Do businesses have a bad perception of architecture? Linthicum believes that architecture shouldn't be removed, but done differently. Does architecture slow a business down? What is the solution? (13:05-16:07)
  4. Linthicum and Bloomberg analyze the integration and role of DevOps in Agile enterprise architecture. Does DevOps represent a change in culture or technology? Bloomberg believes it's more than just using DevOps, it's a complete change in culture and mindset.

"You can buy all of the DevOps technology in the world, and you won't have any DevOps if you don't make the organizational and cultural changes," Bloomberg said. How do IT leaders become agents of change to make an Agile approach work? (16:10-24:30)

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